What is the Galapagos Island chain?

What is the Galapagos Island chain?

The Galápagos Isles are a territory from the republic of Ecuador and are settled in the middle of the Pacific aproximately 605 mls (1,000 kms) to the west of the north tip of South America. The Island chain arised out of the base of the Pacific in the way of astounding flowing lava explosions. All together, the island chain is composed of nineteen major islets and tens of islets and ocean formations that are sprinkled over a considerable space of 17,000 square mls (45,000 square kms) of oceanic territory. Due to a absence of resident predators, animals in the Archipelago hold no unease of people, constituting the Encantadas among the earth's great miracles and an quite magic location to travel to.

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Galapagos Islands Facts

The Galapagos Islands are the outcome of volcanic action that took place about 5 million years back. Animal life began to journey to the island chain about 2 million years following the first isles developed

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