Eden Yacht is the best option to explore the Galapagos Islands

Imagine yourself in a small yacht with a group of amazing people, sailing across waters and having amazing experiences.What can you imagine? 

What can you imagine? 

Let us take a step further to imagine that these people are some of your closest family and friends. I can tell that you would love that. Cruising is a very interesting and somewhat unique way of travelling. You can get to enjoy the amazing experiences of various beautiful aspects of nature. 

All year round, folks from around the world visit the Galapagos Islands. Passengers can enjoy the several features of the Galapagos Islands, in different yachts. 

In this article, I'd take a look at one of these amazing options- The Eden Yacht.

But before we go on to check out the amazing features that Eden presents, let us check out some benefits of exploring the Galapagos (or any similar destination) with a small cruise.

The perfect small yacht

There are several benefits that Passengers can get from the Yacht cruise (As an alternative to the land-based tour). The most significant difference is the fact that a cruise allows you to see different breathtaking views of the Islands. In a smaller cruise, passengers can enjoy the complete Galapagos experience.  

When it comes to cruise ships, size is a major factor. In smaller ships, Passengers can discover every nook and cranny of the vessel. Many users prefer small cruises to large ones. There are several reasons for this choice, some of which include the fact that; larger ships cause more contamination or because in larger ships Passengers get less personal attention. 

On the other hand, some benefits of small cruises include;

  1. With 16 passengers, you can enjoy that special feeling and create awesome memories that will last a lifetime. This small number brings more fun to the Galapagos experience.   
  2. In smaller vessels, Passengers can relax better and get easy access to all the facilities in the yacht. This makes it an ideal option for an intimate cruise holiday experience.
  3. Passengers that opt for the small cruise can enjoy top-notch quality experience in terms of relationship with crew members as well as other passengers. Interactions are more confined in a smaller boat and this makes the small yacht experience an amazing one.
  4. The Galapagos is best enjoyed when you have better access to the coast. In smaller cruises, passengers can get a better experience because the cruise yacht can anchor near the coast. Unlike larger vessels, small vessels can get you closer to the various natural monuments that the Galapagos has. 
  5. Ecotourism has become increasingly popular in the past few years and Galapagos is a perfect destination for eco-passengers. The biodiversity of Galapagos can be enjoyed well in small cruises because it allows passengers to have a close look at the species. 
  6. Who else hates it when you are made to wait in line all the time? Well, in small cruises, you do not have to wait in line to access the several places, your group is small and you reach easily to every Island.
  7. Also, a smaller yacht is a great option for certain special occasions where you require intimacy for a small group of people. For example; group vacations are best with small yachts.

Affordable and Cozy 

The Eden motor yacht is a small, cozy and beautiful yacht that is perfect for the ideal getaway. Passengers that use this yacht will enjoy top-notch comfort while enjoying the ambience of the Island. The Yacht offers Passengers a wide range of fantastic onboard services.

Eden has 8 double cabins that each has its private bathrooms (with hot and cold water). It also provides passengers with many beautiful common areas that include the following;

  • A bright and airy sundeck
  • A lounge room equipped with a library, and a T.V (with DVD capability)
  • A beautiful dining room and
  • A well-stocked bar.

On the lower deck, the yacht has 4 cabins with twin beds while the upper deck has 3 cabins with bunk beds. The final cabin can be found on the main deck. EDEN is handled by 8 crew members and a licensed level II Naturalist Guide. Electricity is available on every cabin of the ship. 

Eden was custom built-in 1996 and then refurbished in 2012. It can comfortably accommodate up to 16 guests and it allows users to enjoy the most amazing views of the Galapagos Archipelago. This yacht is also a great option because it is affordable and you can create amazing memories without spending too much.