Galapagos yacht cruises - M/Y Eden group eco tours

Galapagos yacht cruises - M/Y Eden group eco tours

The M/Y Eden can carry 16 passengers, it is the ideal size for a small group charter. Our rates are affordable and our services are world-class.


Chartering the whole yacht solely for your group or family offers many advantages:

  • Privacy
  • Discounted price per person(less than individual rates)
  • Flexibility
  • Travel at your own pace
  • Custom itineraries are available (previous Galapagos Islands national park approval).
  • Special menu's & custom planned meals.

Basically you have the boat to yourselves!

We have experience with all types of groups with different interests, we have worked with:

  • Students & Alumni
  • Travel clubs
  • Dive clubs
  • Family charters
  • Incentive travel
  • Birdwatchers
  • Scientists
  • Moviemakers & photo shoots

We can help you organize your group tours to the Galapagos & Ecuador, we will take care of everything. Our charters are crewed and include meals, guide service, logistics and approved itineraries by the Galapagos park authorities.

Contact us and we will help you and your peers enjoy a private experience in the Galapagos Islands.

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