Visiting “Bachas” beach during your cruise

One of the best pieces of advice that I ever got was from an old friend and it was succinctly stated in one word-“Travel”. Since then, it has been a goal to explore some of the most amazing destinations in the world. Among these wonderful places are the wonderful beaches of Santa Cruz. This wide variety of beaches is like paradise for those who love nature. In this article, I will explore one of the beaches, the “LAS BACHAS”.



Las Bachas is a pristine white sand beach that perfectly shows the rich history of the Galapagos. Located on the north of the Santa Cruz Island, this beach is home to several aquatic birds, Flamingoes, Sea turtles and many more. One of the main reasons for the beach’s beauty is the soft and silky white sand that is made from decomposed coral.

The waves on this beach are gentle and this makes it a great place for snorkelling. The Bachas beach, like many places in the Galapagos, is all about nature. This means that no commercial activities are happening on the beach.   You are also likely to spot a couple of Sally Lightfoot crabs on the lava rocks that are located along the edge of the water.

As you walk through the beach, you will explore a wide range of animals in their natural habitats. Also, there is something distinct about the animals in the Galapagos; their fearlessness. The animals here have known no human threat; therefore, they just do their usual things without paying attention to humans. If you would love to encounter animals in the natural habitat the Las Bachas is an ideal place to have this experience.

It is also important to also note that if you would love to make images to be sold then you must apply and pay before arrival in the country.


The area has great weather all-year-round, this means that visitors can select the times they want to visit based on personal preferences. The beach is at its warmest from December to May and during these times, the sunbeams down and the sky clear. On the other hand, June and November presents users with cooler weather (this is the best time to enjoy the marine reserves).

The beach is home to a countless array of birds and is a heaven for lovers of birds. You could have a field day watching bird species such as Stilts, Herons, Pintail ducks, Frigate birds, Brown Noddies.

The Bachas is also home to several marine Iguanas. These marine iguanas are unique because they are the only Iguanas in the world that get their food from the water. 

There is a funny story behind the name of the beach. The name originated when the American army abandoned their barges on the Island after the Second World War. Over time, some of these badges floated to the shore and because locals could not pronounce “badges” correctly, they came up with “Las Bachas”.

Also, the remains of a floating dock that was abandoned by American soldiers in the 2nd world war is visible on the beach that is adjacent to Bachas. Things like these remind you of the rich history of the Las Bachas Beach.



It is an ideal destination for vacations and all kinds of exploration-themed trips. The beach of Bachas is about a kilometre long and it is the combinations of 2 beaches. Visitors can feel the warmth of the sand and the sun as soon as you arrive at the beach. It is also worthy to note that the beach is only accessible through the water. 

However, once you are on the beach, get ready to get pulled in by the amazing and relaxed atmosphere. Walking through the sand almost feels therapeutic along with the great views of various kinds of wildlife. This destination is ideal because of its tranquillity and the beautiful natural sites around the beach.